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Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic 

(Mortal Realm Witch #1)

In Book One meet DWW, who is just learning she's a witch and her dog can talk. Throughout these short stories, each of which is told by a different character, DWW's tale of growing up, her struggles to learn responsibility and her discovery of magic is told. 

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Mortal Realm Witch: Learning about Magic (Mortal Realm Witch #1)
Mortal Realm Witch: The Magic Continues 
(Mortal Realm Witch #2)
 In Book Two meet Turtle, a young witch, whose adventures help continue the main story. DWW's life in the Other Realm begins, bringing with it bigger challenges, and a big threat to all witches will be discovered! Everything will lead up to what could be the biggest event in all witch/mortal history! 

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Mortal Realm Witch: The Magic Continues (Mortal Realm Witch #2)

Mortal Realm Witch: Realms Unite? 

(Mortal Realm Witch #3)    

 In Book Three DWW will try to bring peace between witches and mortals by uniting the Realms in this full length novel, but are witches and mortals as ready for this as DWW believes them to be? In the process of uniting the Realms, she will discover some new and surprising facts about the events leading up to her becoming the Head of the Witches Council and form a new friendship with an old enemy. 

Realms Unite? will set into place events that will lead up to the final three and most action packed books in the main Series! 

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Mortal Realm Witch: Realms Unite? (Mortal Realm Witch #3)

Tales of Familiars:

The First Mortal Realm Witch

Series Companion  

 Animals often make good teachers. No one knows this better than witches and warlocks. Familiars are talking animals that teach witches and warlocks about magic and how to use their magical powers, as well as the occasional life lesson. Often they themselves were once witches and warlocks.

In Tales of Familiars many familiars tell their individual stories. Some share about a special adventure they had or challenge they faced as they attempted to teach their witches and warlocks about magic and life. Other familiars believe they are ready to become witches and warlocks again but first must prove this by passing unique and creative tests created by DWW. Will they all pass? 

Throughout these stories you will meet a gray squirrel whose witch's problems all begin when she is given a magical necklace, a badger whose warlock wants his life to be like a painting he sees and when he learns he can go inside the painting, does, only to find it isn't what he expected, a bull takes his warlock to watch a rodeo and ends up taking part in it, and more.

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Tales of Familiars: The First Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion (Mortal Realm Witch)
Mortal Realm Witch: The Magical Adventures of DWW2
(Mortal Realm Witch #4)
The exciting second half of the Mortal Realm Witch Series begins with DWW's mischievous daughter, Asantra.

Join Asantra as she begins discovering her path as she becomes a superhero, a peacemaker, and accidentally sets off a chain of events that threaten DWW's plans to unite the Realms.  When this happens Asantra's opinion of mortals will be negatively influenced by what she experiences.  DWW's challenge of uniting the Realms is made even harder by the discovery that Asantra just might play the key role in uniting the Realms or keeping them apart forever.

Will Asantra's dislike and distrust of mortals change?  Will she help DWW bring peace?  Will she learn to use her powers responsibly?

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Mortal Realm Witch: The Magical Adventures of DWW2 (Mortal Realm Witch, #4)

Mortal Realm Witch: 

Misadventures of a Teenage Witch

(Mortal Realm Witch #5)

    Asantra still struggles to get along with mortals but is trying to succeed in this as she attempts to deal with them in different, more peaceful ways...most of the time. She also still is the protector witch of the pack of Other Realm wolves living in the Mortal Realm. She takes her duties to the wolves seriously, but otherwise she tends to be a bit irresponsible still as she uses magic at the wrong times and often for the wrong reasons, though even when her intentions are good she still manages to find herself in trouble, as the first story in this book will show. 


    In this Fifth Book, in the Mortal Realm Witch series, you will join Asantra as she goes to school with mortals in the daytime...usually, spends time with her wolf pack, The Fire Pack, in the evening, then goes home to her familiar, a Double X Bird given the ability to change into a human by DWW, who is posing as her dad, at night. Although it may not sound like it Asantra's life is full of adventure and excitement.


    This book contains several short, but directly connected, stories as each begins right where the last left off. Throughout them Asantra will borrow an alien spaceship leading to a high speed chase through space, discover one of the Other Realms best kept secrets leading to the arrival of highly dangerous creatures being let loose in the Mortal Realm that she will have to capture somehow. Also discovered in the Mortal Realm is a man-made creature known as a Magic Eater, which even if Asantra can figure out how to catch it, will she be able to solve the mystery of who created it and why? And because Asantra doesn't like mortals she is offered the chance to take over the Mortal Realm, which she just might accept. Will Asantra become the next series villain?