Meet the Characters!

DWW is 11 when her first story takes place. At this time she discovers she is a witch with magical powers. She struggles to learn how to use her new powers responsibly and often looks for ways around the rules! While she provides quite the challenge for her familiar and the Head of the Witches Council in her youth, she grows up to become one of the Other Realm's greatest leaders. 

DWW can become a white wolf at will without using magic. As a wolf, she is tasked with training and protecting magical wolf pups in the Other Realm. DWW takes things a bit further and chooses to protect all wolves, leading her to do what she can to help prevent wolves from becoming extinct in the Mortal Realm. 

DWW faces many challenges throughout the series, from learning responsibility to stopping Sampson's various plans to take over the Realms, and from attempting to unite the two Realms to raising her stubborn and adventurous daughter, Asantra. 

Her biggest goal throughout the series is to make her dream of uniting the Realms come true. She wants mortals to see witches as they really are. Not as villains, but as friends. 
Trillman is a Golden Retriever. Like many familiars, he was once a warlock himself. Although he is strict with DWW about following the rules, he once broke one of the Other Realm's biggest rules, which is why he is now spending time as a talking dog. 

Unlike most Golden Retriever's, Trillman is not the most patient dog. As he struggles to teach DWW magic he begins to realize that DWW is lacking in responsibility. He only knows how to teach magic, raising kids isn't something he was ever taught to do. Not knowing how to teach a challenging young witch like DWW, Trillman quickly begins to lose patience with her. 

Ironically, Trillman had wanted to become a teacher, but failed at this. Ultimately, it's not because of DWW that he quits, but because of his own past failures. Frustration with himself led to much of his impatience with the young witch. 

DWW and Trillman belong together, but it's not until they spend much time apart will they come to realize this. 
Trom is several hundred years older than he looks and is the Head of the Witches Council when DWW begins her journey as a witch. He can be very strict about the rules and has been known to accept no excuses for breaking them no matter the reason. Despite having a fearsome reputation, Trom is actually fairly easygoing and likeable as DWW discovers after she takes over as the Head of the Witches Council. Trom is the first person to see DWW's potential as a witch and will do whatever it takes for her to reach this. 

When it comes to DWW, his teaching methods may seem a bit unusual. You will wonder how his methods could possibly work with a witch like DWW, but Trom knows exactly what he is doing. 

Living in the Other Realm, Trom doesn't have to keep any secrets about himself being a warlock, however he does have a secret that almost no one knows about him, which becomes very valuable to DWW as she tries to unite the Realms. 
Max is a chocolate colored Labrador Retriever. He is a very loyal and friendly familiar. He is highly skilled at teaching magic users how to use their powers. Due to DWW's unique training requirements, Max is assigned to train her after Trillman leaves. Max does so well with her, that when a young witch needs a familiar she can trust after her experiences with her previous familiar, DWW assigns Max to her. 

When teaching magic users, Max doesn't use structured teachings like Trillman tried to do with DWW, rather he prefers to guide magic users on their journeys to learn how to use their powers. Basically, he allows them to use magic however they want, within limits, and learn from their experiences in this way. He sometimes suggests doing or not doing certain things, but never feels the need to tell them what they have to or can't do with their magic. Max is always there to give advice when it is needed and is often viewed as a friend rather than a teacher, though Max actually sees himself as a guide more than anything else. 
In her first story, in Book One, Ally is a young witch much like DWW. She is a bit stubborn and determined to do what she wants, but unlike DWW she doesn't break any rules. All Ally wants in her first story is to find the familiar that is right for her. 

Air Raid is a small dragon. He is something like the equivalent of a pony in the dragon world. Air Raid is a somewhat wacky dragon. He is willing and eager to please. This makes him easy to work with, but he often seems to mess things up. Sometimes this leads to funny and memorable moments for himself and Ally. No matter what happens Air Raid is not known for giving up will keep trying until he gets things right or until Ally convinces him to do something else. 

Ally and Air Raid don't appear too often throughout the series, however Air Raid has his own big adventure in an upcoming crossover novel between the Mortal Realm Witch Series and another of Jennifer's works in progress; Heroes United. 
Turtle is the first character you will meet in Book Two. Turtle won't be breaking too many rules, but that doesn't mean she won't find herself in trouble!

From dealing with the worst familiar in the Realms to making some of the first big discoveries of the series, Turtle's challenges start off tougher than DWW's ever did! Right from the start Turtle has dealings with the series villain and DWW's archenemy, Sampson, then closely following this challenge comes the threat of witch hunters! 

Taron is a wizard. He is Turtle's friend and the one who sparks her interest in learning more about the different types of magic users in existence. Although a magic user, he is still a mortal so he isn't allowed into the Other Realm. However, because of Turtle he becomes the first wizard allowed into the Other Realm. When he grows up, Taron becomes the father of a wizard called Sky. 
Besides being a witch, Asantra has all the same powers as her mother, DWW, however she often uses her abilities in different ways. Asantra often finds herself in trouble for various reasons. The most common reasons are her lack of patience and adventurous spirit. 

Whether she is helping superheroes find their missing friend as the hero Wonder Wolf, borrowing an alien spaceship to get out of doing her science project, exploring a secret lab, or spending, what should be, an average day in the Mortal Realm, Asantra always manages to find adventure and trouble. 

When not on an adventure or getting into trouble, Asantra can be found with her wolf pack. While she isn't always responsible with her powers, when it comes to the Fire Pack, she takes her duties seriously. In the Mortal Realm, Asantra is happiest in her wolf form so she would never do anything that would keep her away from her wolves. 
More Characters Coming Soon!