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New potential products in the works! 

Star Die Cut Sticker
A sample size of 10 stickers was created to see if there would be any interest in stickers of our characters. Due to being unable to test market these stickers with the fans, we have not yet decided if we will order more of these in the future. We will probably put our remaining stock on our store for purchase in the future. 
Asantra Die Cut Sticker
A starter order of 50 stickers was created as a way to continue expanding our product line. If there is interest in them, we will have more of these stickers printed, however our current plans are to at least put our remaining stock up for purchase on our store. 
Asantra Acrylic Pin 
We do want to sell pins featuring our characters, however like the stickers of Star, we only had 10 created to gauge interest so we cannot promise availability of these pins in the future. However, they are being considered as a potential new product so if we feel there is enough interest in them we will definitely make more so there is enough for everyone who wants one!